With Ruthanne Warnick, Certified Legacy Advisor and Guided Autobiography Instructor   

Writing Your Words of Wisdom, Values and Love

Do you wish you had words of wisdom or a written legacy of values of a loved one but now it's too late?              

Do you have a message of your own -- of life lessons, values, gratitude or love -- that you want to share with loved ones and pass on to future generations?

Is there someone who has influenced your life or shaped your values, and you want to let them know?


What is a Legacy 'Letter for a Lifetime'?

  • An expression of your core values, life lessons, wisdom, hopes, love or gratitude
  • A valuable gift we can give and legacy we can leave to loved ones
  • A message you share that can be more meaningful to friends and family than any material gift you can give or possession you can bequeath to them

Because 'Letters for a Lifetime' can be given at any point along your life journey, each becomes a valuable gift we can give now, as well as a legacy we can leave to loved ones and future generations.

This workshop is for you if you...

  • Are a parent or grandparent, regardless of your child's or grandchild's age
  • Have a child leaving for college or entering the military
  • Are going through a life transition, such as marriage, divorce, or retirement
  • Have recently become an empty-nester
  • Are facing a serious illness or end of life at any age

In this workshop, we will explore...

  • How to identify your core values
  • Which life lessons are most important to you
  • Various ways to write a Legacy Letter and share your thoughts

You will write a first draft that can be finalized at home

Added benefits for you include...

  • Insight and personal discovery about what's most important to you 
  • Appreciation for people and experiences in your life 
  • Resources to help you share your written document

What’s your investment?            The workshop ... $35 

Your Legacy 'Letter for a Lifetime'…Priceless!

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Meet Ruthanne Warnick

Thanks so much for visiting my website. I’ll introduce myself to you here, and I’ll look forward to you introducing yourself to me soon.

I have a long history of interest in people’s experiences and stories, whether they live across the street or across the world…and whether their stories are of everyday life or exciting adventures.

I’d say that it all began with my first international trip at the age of 15, which opened my eyes to a completely different culture. Then, as a college undergraduate student, I randomly took a couple of geography courses that changed everything. I was completely smitten by the ways people live, why they live where they do, and what their lives are like. I went on to earn a master’s degree in geography and then pursued a career in the travel industry to feed my passion.

After taking a ‘mom’ break and working on numerous special projects to capture people’s stories, here’s what became crystal clear. So many people regret that they didn’t take the time to capture the stories and the words of wisdom of their loved ones, and now they’re lost forever.

Thus was born Capture the Journey. Our mission is to help others capture their stories and share their messages of wisdom, values, gratitude or love — to share with loved ones now and as a legacy for future generations – before it’s too late.

In addition to the workshops and public speaking presentations I give through Capture the Journey, for the past 23 years I have developed and presented numerous educational and leadership programs, facilitated workshops, and train hundreds of volunteers for a national women’s organization.

I am proud to be a Certified Legacy Advisor through the International Association of Storykeepers and a Certified Guided Autobiography Instructor through the Birren Center for Autobiography and Life Review.

Now that you’ve ‘met’ me, I look forward to meeting you and discovering how I can help you or a loved one capture your journey and create a lasting legacy.